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Rack Pull


  • Adjust a barbell on the catch bars so that the barbell is just below knee level.
  • Approach the bar so that the bar is over the mid-foot but not touching your knees.
  • Have your feet at hip or shoulder width apart with your toes straight or pointed slightly outwards.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together to keep your shoulders and back tight throughout the movement.
  • Drop your hips outwards to bend down to grab the bar.
  • Grab the bar at shoulder width or just outside shoulder width apart with either an overhand grip or an alternating grip.


  • Press through your heels and force your hips forward to raise the bar up.
  • Continue up until you are in a standing position. Don’t extend the back.
  • Return to the rack by dropping hips outwards.
  • Repeat for necessary reps.


  • After completion, return the weight to the rack by dropping your hips outwards to lower the weight to the rack.