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Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift or RDL


  • Use kettlebells for the desired workload range.
  • Place the kettlebells in front of you so that the handles are horizontal to your body.
  • Stand in front of the kettlebells with feet at hip width or just inside hip width apart.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together to keep your shoulders and back tight throughout the movement.
  • Drop your hips by pushing them outwards to the kettlebells.
  • Grab both kettlebells with an overhand grip.


  • Push through your heels to raise the weight up.
  • Force your hips forward to explode the weight up to the finished position.
  • Keep rising until you re in a standing position and stop there. Don’t over extend the back.
  • Descend by pushing your hips outwards and having a slight knee bend.
  • Lower until the weight are just below knee or shin level and drive through your heels back to a standing position.
  • Repeat for necessary reps.


  • After completion, drop your hips all the way to the ground and let go of the weight at the bottom.