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Chained Barbell Front Squat


  • Have the bar set up just at chest level.
  • Attach desired amount of chains to the ends of the barbell by laying them over the ends of the barbell. Lay enough so that one to two links are on the ground when in standing position at start.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together to keep your back and shoulders tight.
  • Place hands on the bar roughly shoulder width apart or just slightly outside shoulder width apart and place thumbs over top of the bar with fingers.
  • Place the bar above the clavicles while keeping hands on the bar and rest bar on shoulders. Do not place on bone structure.
  • Preform a half squat and un-rack the bar.
  • Have feet about shoulder width apart and point toes outwards.


  • Keep chest up and drop hips outwards hips while keeping knees out.
  • Keep elbows high and drop until your knees are in line with your hips or slightly below.
  • Drive through the heels and press back up while maintaining good posture.
  • Repeat for necessary reps.


  • After completion, step towards the rack until the bar touches the rack and preform a half squat down into the bar holds.