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Set a barbell to a height on the rack so when un-racking, you can press up on the bar comfortably.Get a desired amount of boards between 1 and 5. Lie down on the bench with shoulder blades squeezed together to create a base and keep feet flat on the ground. Squeezing your shoulder blades together will keep your shoulders and back tight. Place boards on your chest stacked up. Grasp the bar so hands are just at shoulder width or just outside shoulder width apart. Un-rack the weight by pressing up and pull the bar the bar just below mid-chest level. On the eccentric, squeeze the lats in and pull the weight with your elbows to the boards and have the weight touch the boards. Push up by driving your back into the pad. Return to the starting position. Perform this for necessary reps. After completion, push the weight straight back to the rack.