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Barbell Box Squat


  • Adjust the squat rack so the bar holders are just below shoulder height for easy un-racking of the weight.
  • Use a box for desired depth of squat you will be working with.
  • Place bar on shoulders and create a shelf to rest the bar on by squeezing your shoulder blades together to keep back and shoulders tight. Do not place bar on neck or spine.
  • Grasp the bar wider but if more flexible have a narrower grip.
  • Press the floor and un-rack the bar and take a step out.
  • Place feet just at shoulder width apart or slightly outside shoulder width apart and keep toes pointed outward slightly.


  • Drop your hips and glutes to the box and drop until you either touch the box with glues or sit completely on the box.
  • Press up through your heels without hunching your back.
  • Keep back straight and head looking forward throughout movement.
  • Repeat this for necessary reps.


  • After completion, step forward and perform a half squat into the bar stops.