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The goal behind Hydraulic Gymnastics is to prepare our athletes for the gymnastics movements commonly found in traditional Crossfit workouts, such as Pull-Ups, Handstand Push-Ups, Muscle-ups, Pistol Squats, Push-Ups, Dips, etc.
A wide variety of movements and training methods are used to help athletes realize their gymnastic potential by honing their skills on acquired movements and developing new skills in a controlled environment.

Hydraulic Gymnastics is held every Saturday at 8am at Crossfit Hydraulic, unless otherwise announced. New workouts are posted
 every Tuesday and Thursday (see below) for athletes to complete on their own time. For any questions regarding Hydraulic Gymnastics, please reach out to Coach Ethan at ebeckermenditto@gmail.com

Saturday- 07/14/2018

Handstand Holds/Push-ups Handstand Holds (against wall) 2x Max Headstand Hold 3x Max Time Partner Handstand Hold 3x Max Time Pike Push-ups 3x 8-10 Pistol Squats Pistol Squat to Box 3x6 each Leg (non alternating) *Superset with KB Calf Rollout Concentric Pistol Squats...

Saturday- 07/07/2018

Ring Dips Kipping Ring Dip Drills 4x5 *Find appropriate scale to use for Kipping Dips and complete 5 reps per set. If you have Kipping Ring Dips, Perform 4 sets of max reps Strict Ring Dips 3x 6-8 *Focus on pointing palms forward at the top. If 6-8 is too easy,...

Saturday- 06/30/2018

Ring Muscle-ups Kneeling Ring Muscle-ups 4x6 *focus on pulling body through the rings as upright as possible Kip Swing + Hip to Ring Pull-up 5x (3+1) *Perform 3 kips Swings on high rings (increasing size of swing on each rep), then perform a pull to the hip. If you...