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CrossFit Hydraulic Coaches

Ethan Becker-Menditto - Owner


Coach Ethan comes from a background rich in sports and physical activity, including baseball, swimming, water polo, marathon running, Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit. His firm belief and training philosophy is that athletic endeavors are achieved through hard work, consistency, determination, and a willingness to learn. He brings this philosophy to his classes and ensures that all of his athletes are taught in the best way possible to be successful, whatever their goals may be. He has been Involved with Crossfit since 2010, and has provided athletic coaching to people of multiple facets. He currently resides in Centreville, VA with his fiancé, and enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, and bobblehead collecting.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Contact: Ethanb@thenzone.com

Matt Longworth - Olympic Lifting

matt I am currently an Elementary Physical Education teacher at Eagle View Elementary and I have been crossfitting since 2010. I qualified for regionals in 2011, placed 5th at the BWI Mid-Atlantic Hopper in 2011, placed 3rd at Superfit Charlottesville in 2012, won a CrossFit Football competition in 2012, and won Team Superfit Richmond in 2013. I am also on the cover of the CrossFit book “Learning to Breathe Fire” written by J. C. Herz. When I first started CrossFit I fell in love with the community, the camaraderie, and the competition. There is nothing like it in the world, where everyone is rooting for each other to do their best! What I love about CrossFit is that it is for everyone. There isn’t a workout that cannot be adapted or modified to fit the athlete’s needs, whether it be an injury, ability, or just being new to the sport, all members can participate. The beauty about CrossFit is that everyone is there to better themselves and there is no prerequisite of experience to join! More recently, I have gotten much more into the sport of olympic weightlifting.  I qualified for and participated in the 2016 Masters Olympic Weightlifting World Championships and that have obtained both my USAW Sports performance level 1 and level 2 certifications.  This has allowed me to found and work as head coach of the Hydraulic Barbell Club. If you have any interest in olympic weightlifting, no matter your level, please feel free to reach out.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach level 1
  • USA Weightlifting Sports performance level 2
  • USA Weightlifting Club Coach

Contact: mjlongworth@gmail.com

Karen O'Donnell

14680917_982192218574847_1265334910585397485_o Originally from Connecticut, I spent much of my youth being active in nontraditional ways. I enjoyed snowboarding before snowboarding was big, in high school, I was a flutist in a championship marching band , and in college, I was on the dance team while taking mountain biking and scuba diving classes. After moving to Pennsylvania I continued to find fitness in nontraditional ways by training for a triathlon and then eventually I found CrossFit. Though it was unlike anything I had ever done, mostly the barbell movements, I instantly was hooked because of my trainers, the supportive community around me and the results I was getting. Even as a mother of two and full-time Accountant, I always find time to keep true to my CrossFit training. Ironically my least favorite workout is named Karen which will forever haunt me!  With my background, I understand the hesitance that some might have about trying CrossFit but as a coach, I hope to build a trusting relationship with athletes and foster the community that has done so much for me! Certifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1


Contact: karen.kyker@gmail.com