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Ring Dips

Kipping Ring Dip Drills 4×5
*Find appropriate scale to use for Kipping Dips and complete 5 reps per set. If you have Kipping Ring Dips, Perform 4 sets of max reps

Strict Ring Dips 3x 6-8
*Focus on pointing palms forward at the top. If 6-8 is too easy, perform 10-12. Goal is not to go til failure.

Ring Support Holds 3x Max

Kip Swings/ Kipping Pull-up

Kip Swing 3×12 (Hold band between feet)
*Superset with 15 hollow and arch Hold each between sets

Kipping Pull-ups 3x 10-12
*Goal is to not break up the reps. Scale reps if needed. If 10-12 is too easy, Perform chest to Bar Pull-ups without losing kip swing

Strict Pull-ups 3x Max (:03 controlled decent)