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Ring Muscle-ups

Kneeling Ring Muscle-ups 4×6
*focus on pulling body through the rings as upright as possible

Kip Swing + Hip to Ring Pull-up 5x (3+1)
*Perform 3 kips Swings on high rings (increasing size of swing on each rep), then perform a pull to the hip. If you are able to turn over into the bottom dip position then do so.

False Grip Ring Rows 3x Max (:02 Hold at the top)

Pistol Squats

Pistol Squats on Box 3×8 each leg
*Superset with KB Calf Smash

Pistol Squat Negatives (holding plate) 3×5 each leg

Hollow Hold Negatives 3×5
Blackburns 3×12