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Planche Push-ups 4×10
*From a Push-Up Position, lean forward so hands are more in line with the rib cage. Perform 10 reps bringing the rib cage to the hands. Scale to regular push-ups if needed

Scapular Push-ups 3×12
*Start Rep by pressing shoulder blades towards the floor, rounding he upper back. Then pull shoulder blades together (back), then back to neutral position.

Ring Push-up Support Holds 3x Max
*Hold top of push-up position on rings. Keep core tight and try to turn palms forward as much as possible.

Kip Swings 3×10
*Work on moving through the shoulders. Keep heels tight together.

Kipping Pull-ups 3x Max
*A Max set ends when the kip needs to be reset.

Strict Pull-ups (Wide Grip) 4×8