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Ring Push-ups

Ring Push-ups 3×10 (:02 Hold in bottom position)
*Press Shoulder blades forward (towards floor) at the top. Pause for 2 count at the top.

Ring Push-up Support Position Hold 3x Max Hold
*Hold for max time in top position of RPU- shoulder blades pressed forward. Scale to holds with knees on the floor

Diamond (close grip) Push-ups 3×12
*Pointer finger and thumbs of each hand touching. Keep tight core and butt throughout. Think squeeze heels together.

Pistol Squats
Pistol Squats on box 3×8 each leg
*Complete pistol while standing on 20-24” box. Allow lead foot to lower to the side of the box. Only lower as far as you can while staying back on the heels

Pistol Squat From Box 3×6 each leg
*Start seated on box in bottom position and stand to top position, then reset to bottom. Add weight (KB) in front rack position if too easy with body weight

Bulgarian Split Squats 3×10 each leg
*back foot on bench