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Handstand Push-ups
Pike Push-ups 4×8 (pause in bottom position)

Handstand Kick-ups 3×6
*kick up into a handstand, hold for :02 seconds, the kick back down and repeat 5 more times each set. Goal is to kick up and land as soft as possible on the wall- moving hands closer to the wall the easier they become.

Handstand Push-up Negative 10×1
*keep decent at 6 to 8 seconds per rep

Kipping Pull-ups 3x Max Reps
*keep heels squeezed together throughout movement. Hold band between heels if needed.

Strict Chin-ups 3×10
*Palms Facing towards body

Body Pull Throughs 3×15
*calves on foam roller, Pull bar tied to rig from above head to as close to the hips as possible.