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Ring Dips
Strict Ring Dips 4×8
*focus on keeping body/chest more upright throughout movement

Kipping Ring Dips 3x Max (:02 pause in bottom position)

Ring Support Holds 3x Max Effort
*set the rings so the legs can fully hang in bottom position. Think press through the rings (reach head for ceiling) and trying to touch the floor with your toes.

Kip Swing + Toes to Bar 4×2(5+3)
*perform 5 Kip swings into 3 kipping toes to bar, back into Kip swings. Scale to knees to elbows or knee raises if needed.

Anchored Toes to Bar 3×15
*Lay on back on floor with head facing rig. Grab rind and bring Toes to the rig, raising lower back off ground. Return to bottom position (3” off floor) controlled.

Arch/Superman Hold 3x Max
*pointed toes; think trying to stretch body out as far as possible.