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Pistol Squats
Pistol Squats to box 3×6 each leg (pause for 2 seconds on box)

Pistol Squat Negatives (holding plate) 3×3 on each leg
*each decent should take 6-8 seconds

Bar Pull-ups/ Muscle-ups
Kip Swing to Bar to Hip Pull 4x(5+1)
*Aim to make Kip swing bigger on each rep

Seated Muscle-up Pull 3×5
*Start by sitting on the heels (knees in front of body) underneath a bar with hands gripping the bar. Perform a pull and transition into bottom of bar muscle-up, keeping toes on the floor. Scale is a pull to the chest

Strict Pull-ups 3x Max

Shoulder Protractions/Retractions in Push-up position 3×15
Hollow Hold Sit-up Negative 3×5