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Handstand Hold 4x (:03 from Max)
*Hold Handstand for :03 less than Max time for 4 sets

Pike Push-ups 3×6 (:02 Pause in bottom)
*Focus on pressing head forward in front of hands on the decent, and away on the ascent.

Hollow Hold 3x 30 seconds
*Focus on trying to stretch body (hands and feet) as far away from each other as possible. Core and butt squeezed, heels squeezed together and toes pointed.

Ring Muscle-Ups
Seated Muscle-up Transitions 4×5
*From Seated Position (sitting on heels, shoe laces to the floor) pull up into the bottom of a ring dip Position- Focus on pulling through the rib cage on each rep

False Grip Ring Rows 3x Max
*Hold False Grip as long as possible, then finish out set in non false grip

Ring Dips 3×8 (:02 Hold in bottom position)
*try to get as low as possible on each rep.