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Pistol Squats
Pistol Squat on Box 3×8 each Leg
*standing on Box, lower into a pistol squat while allowing the non squatting leg to descend below the box. Squat down as far as possible and return to the top

Pistol Squat Negatives 3×5 each leg

Kip Knees to Elbows
Kip Swing + Kipping KTE 5x 3(2+2)
*perform 2 Kip Swings followed by 2 Kipping KTE, repeat 3 times per set)

Strict Hanging Leg Raises 3×10 w/:02 Hold at the top
*perform with knees tucked. If too easy, perform with straight legs

Arch (Superman) Hold 3x Max
Plank Hold (Push-up position; protracted shoulder blades) 3x Max