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Ring Push-ups
Ring Push-ups 3x Max Reps
*Press Shoulder blades forward (towards floor) at the top. Pause for 2 count at the top.

Ring Push-up Support Position Hold (90 degrees) 3x Max Hold
*start in support (top) position on rings and lower until elbows are at 90 degrees. Hold for Max time.

Straddle Push-ups 3×8
*Spread legs out to the side (start wide) and walk hands towards body. Complete push-up by pressing crown of head towards floor in front of hands. Think pike push-up without feet on a box.

Kip Swing + Kipling Pull-up (with Band) 5x 3(2+2)
*complete 2 Kip Swings + 2 Kipling Pull-ups 3 cycles through for each round. Hold Band between feet the entire time.

Strict Pull-ups 3x Max
*Use bar that you can full hang from. Keep core tight and heels together throughout. Keep head level (no reaching with the chin)

Pull-up Static Holds 3x Max (90 degrees)
*From top of Pull-up, lower til elbows are at 90 degrees. Hold for Max time.