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Kipping/ Toes to Bar
Kip Swings 3×12
*think about moving through the shoulders. Place band between heels and do not drop it throughout set

Kipping Toes to Bar 4x Max
*Try to keep legs as straight as possible on each rep. All ten reps should be unbroken-Scale to Leg Raises or knees to elbows if needed

Strict Leg Raises 3×12
*Aim for Strict Toes to Bar, but aim to keep legs straight, toes pointed, heels together on each rep

Banded Muscle-Up Transitions (Rings) 4×5

False Grip Ring Rows 3×8 (:03 Hold at top)

Ring Support Holds 3x Max
*Hollow Body Position- heels together, toes pointed, palms pointed forward. Think about pressing away from rings while trying to stretch toes towards the floor