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Hollow/Arch Holds

Arms Forward Hollow Hold 3x Max
*Begin with feet towards sky, finger touching thighs. Lower feet to the floor while tracing fingers down the thighs. Stop 6 inches above floor and hold. Use spotter if needed.

Arch Hold 3x Max
*Butt squeezed, heels together. Think pulling the body apart (lengthening distance between toes and fingers

Armadillo Drill 3x 20 seconds
*Bring feet towards chest in L position, elbows on shoulders, toes pointed. Using partner, rock athlete up and back while athlete maintains position

Headstand/ Handstand

Floor Handstand Tension Drill 3x Max or Coach Discretion
*Lay on stomach arms length from wall. Move into Hollow Hold position by pressing into wall, squeezing butt and heels and hold

Headstand Hold 3x 15-20 seconds
*Using Partner, Position Head and hands on floor in tripod position. Bring knees to chest and hold using partner assistance. If too easy, extend one leg, then both legs.

Pike Push-ups 3×8
*Focus on pressing head forward in front of hands on the decent, and away on the ascent.