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Handstand Hold/ Push-Up

Handstand Hold (against wall) 4x Max
*try to get fingers a little closer to the wall than last week. Squeeze butt and heels. Think about pressing hands through the floor and pulling feet to the ceiling.

Pike Push-Ups 4x 8-10
*Feel on 30” Box. Think about pressing out in front of hands. Should be in tripod position when head touches the floor

Arch/ Superman Hold 3x Max Time
*tight butt, heels together and tight


Scapular Pull-Up + Strict Pull-up 4×5(1+1)
*Perform 4 sets of one scapular pull-up and one pull-up x5 Reps Per Set. Maintain hollow Hold throughout.

Bar Rows 3x Max
*Elbows in tight. Pull to the ribcage.

Kip Swings 3×12
*Think about moving from hollow position to arch/Superman position through the shoulders