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Rings/ Ring Rows

Ring Rows 4x Max Effort (:03 decent)
*Focus on elbows in close to body, pulling to rib cage. Use false Grip for added challenge if working towards muscle-up

Ring Rupport Hold 3x Max Effort

Ring Supermans 3×10
*Focus on maintaining hollow position throughout

Push-up/ Plank Holds

Push-ups (from floor) 4×12 (:03 pause in bottom position)
*think bringing the chest down between the hand; hands/fingers pointed forward; elbows in tight; keep butt and abs engaged throughout

Planche Support Holds 3x Max Effort
*start in a plank position on hands (top of push-up), then shift weight forward in front of the hands, should roll more roll up on the toes and hold for Max time

Hip Pikes on Rower 3×12
*start in push-up position with feet on rower seat. Think bringing the Toes to the hands, lifting the hips. Controlled back down.