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Handstand Push-ups

Strict Handstand Push-ups 5×5 (pause at the bottom position)
*Use abmats as needed. Sets should be unbroken.

Handstand Hold 4x Max (:03 from failure)
*come off wall approx. :03 away from failing; think tight core, active shoulders

Handstand Push-up Negatives 3×3 (:05 decent)
*Use Abmat; try to focus on keeping elbows in


Kip Swing + Kipping Pull-Up+ CTB Pull-Up 4x 2(3+2+1)
*Perform 2 cycles of 3 kip swings, 2 Kipping Pull-Ups, and one chest to Bar Pull-Up per set without coming off Bar. Perform 4 sets. Scale the CTB Pull-Up to a Kipping Pull-Up but focus on pulling as high as possible.

Strict Pull-ups 3x Max Reps
*focus on keeping core tight throughout each rep. Hold for a full second at the top of each rep

Banded Rows 3x Max
*Position band at chest height on rig. Focus on pulling to the rigcage on each rep, elbows in tight