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Ring Push-ups

Ring Push-ups 4×8 (:03 decent)
*think about rotating palms out (pull shoulders back) at the top of each rep

Ring Support Holds in Push-Up position 3x Max Hold
*palms rotated out; core tight throughout

Palms-up Band Tears 3×15

Pistol Squats

Pistol Squats to Box 4×6 each leg
*choose a box where you can lower controlled and lightly tap the box before standing back up to the start position. Complete all 6 reps on each leg (non-alternating)

Split Squats 3×10 each leg
*Place back foot on a box. If body weight is too easy, Hold KB in Front rack position

Core/ Mobility
3 sets:
Hollow Hold x Max
Calf Foam/KB Roll x10 Rotations on each calf