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The goal behind Hydraulic Gymnastics is to prepare our athletes for the gymnastics movements commonly found in traditional Crossfit workouts, such as Pull-Ups, Handstand Push-Ups, Muscle-ups, Pistol Squats, Push-Ups, Dips, etc.
A wide variety of movements and training methods are used to help athletes realize their gymnastic potential by honing their skills on acquired movements and developing new skills in a controlled environment.

Hydraulic Gymnastics is held every Saturday at 8am at Crossfit Hydraulic, unless otherwise announced. New workouts are posted
 every Tuesday and Thursday (see below) for athletes to complete on their own time. For any questions regarding Hydraulic Gymnastics, please reach out to Coach Ethan at ebeckermenditto@gmail.com

Gymnastics- 4/21/2018

Rings/ Ring Rows Ring Rows 4x Max Effort (:03 decent) *Focus on elbows in close to body, pulling to rib cage. Use false Grip for added challenge if working towards muscle-up Ring Rupport Hold 3x Max Effort Ring Supermans 3x10 *Focus on maintaining hollow position...
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Gymnastics- 04/19/2018

Handstand Push-ups Strict Handstand Push-ups 5x5 (pause at the bottom position) *Use abmats as needed. Sets should be unbroken. Handstand Hold 4x Max (:03 from failure) *come off wall approx. :03 away from failing; think tight core, active shoulders Handstand Push-up...
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Gymnastics- 4/17/2018

Ring Push-ups Ring Push-ups 4x8 (:03 decent) *think about rotating palms out (pull shoulders back) at the top of each rep Ring Support Holds in Push-Up position 3x Max Hold *palms rotated out; core tight throughout Palms-up Band Tears 3x15 Pistol Squats Pistol Squats...
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